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The Center for Cooperative Problem Solving continues to advance the research associated with adaption-innovation theory, and the KAI. The following manuscripts are the latest, which present empirical data using the KAI, or theoretical discussion of adaption-innovation theory.

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

 Journal of Leadership Studies, Volume 17, Issue 1 (Spring 2023 Symposium, with Curt Friedel serving as guest editor)

  • Friedel, C. R. (2023). A problem-solving theory to enhance understanding and practice of leadership. Journal of Leadership Studies, 17(1). 20-22.
  • Seibel, M., Kaufman, E. K., Cletzer, D. A., Elliott-Engel, J. (2023). Advancing adaptive leadership through adaption-innovation theory: Enhancements to the holding environment. Journal of Leadership Studies, 17(1). 23-29.
  •  Anderson, J. C. (2023). Implicit social cognition: The hidden element affecting equity, inclusion, and belonging on diverse collaborative teams. Journal of Leadership Studies, 17(1). 30-37.
  • Rodriguez, M. T., & Bush, S. A. (2023). Examining complex problem solving in communities through the lens of Kirton’s adaption-innovation theory. Journal of Leadership Studies, 17(1). 38-44.
  • Sheffield, R. (2023). Working with adaption-innovation in leadership practice: What works and what’s missing? Journal of Leadership Studies, 17(1). 45-50.
  • McIntyre L.S., Friedel C.R., & Lathan C. (2022). Problem-solving style and resiliency of navy seals: how are the more adaptive and the more innovative different. Thinking Skills and Creativity. 43.
  • Sheffield, R. & Friedel, C. R., (2022). Adaption-innovation theory: A tribute to Dr. Michael J. Kirton. International Journal of Innovation Management, 26(1).

Conference Presentations

  • Alegbeleye, I. D. & Friedel, C. R. (2023). Building effective student project teams: What has problem-solving styles got to do with it? Paper presented at the 2023 Annual Conference of the Association of Leadership Educators. Nashville, TN
  • Gunasilan, U., Carlson, E., Friedel, C., Hazzan, S. (2023). Individual’s problem-solving style and firm-level entrepreneurial orientation on entrepreneurial decision-making. Paper presented at the 37th Annual British Academy of Management conference. Brighton, UK.
  • Friedel, C., Carper, K., & Barber, J. (2022). Enhancing community capital through application of adaption-innovation theory for building sustainable food systems. AFHVS 2022: Cultivating Connections. Athens, Georgia.
  • Friedel, C., Walz, J., & Greaud, M. (2022). Team research projects and problem-solving styles of gifted and talented youth. Poster session presented at the meeting of 13th Annual International Science of Team Science Conference. Online.
  • Seibel, M. (2022). Cognitive diversity in healthcare settings: Leadership considerations for administrators, practitioners, and patients. Healthcare Leadership Conference:  International Leadership Association. Online.
  • Seibel, M. (2022). Leadership super seminar: Comprehending your leadership style to enhance personal and professional growth at the local level. 107th Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference: NACAA
  • Seibel, M., Dowdy, M., Prater, J., Sheffield, R., & Wolfe, P. (2022). Best practices for fostering wellbeing through KAI feedback and response. Second Annual KAI Symposium: Adaption, Innovation, and Well-being in the Dynamic Workplace. Online. Blacksburg, VA: Virginia Tech.
  • Cletzer, D. A., Seibel, M., Kaufman, E., Friedel, C., & Elliott-Engel, J. (2021). When Leadership Terminology Collides: A Spirited Comparison of Adaption-Innovation Theory and Adaptive Leadership. In ALE 2021 Virtual Annual Conference Proceedings. Association of Leadership Educators. Online
  • Kaufman, E., Walz, J., Friedel, C., Coartney, J., & Kane, O. (2021). Bridging Cognitive Diversity for Science Team Success. In 12th Annual International Science of Team Science (SciTS) Conference. International Network for the Science of Team Science. Online
  • Bush, S., Seibel, M., Rodriguez, M., & Niewoehner-Green, J. (2021). Gender and problem solving: Implications for leadership in higher education. In ALE 2021 Virtual Annual Conference Proceedings. Association of Leadership Educators. Online
  • Walz, J., & Friedel, C. (2021). Improving team performance with KAI. In ALE 2021 Virtual Annual Conference Proceedings. Association of Leadership Educators. Online

Student Dissertations, Theses, and Project Reports

Cole, T. (2021). Exploring Team Effectiveness of a Collegiate Women’s Basketball Team Using Kirton’s Adaption-Innovation Theory. [Masters project, Virginia Tech]. VtechWorks.