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Continuing Education

To maintain KAI Accreditation, a KAI Practitioner must participate in KAI Events for a period of four years after completion of the KAI Accreditation Course. The purpose of this continuing education is to facilitate your development as a KAI practitioner, promote networking within the KAI community, and be aware of the latest KAI developments. After four years, participation in KAI Events is encouraged but not required.

Examples of KAI Events that can count towards maintaining KAI Accreditation include completion of:

  • The KAI Mentorship Program
  • The KAI Symposium
  • KAI Practitioner Webinars
  • The KAI Master Class

A full description of the KAI Continuing Education process can be found by clicking here.

Questions about KAI Accreditation and continuing education should be emailed to