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KAI Accreditation

The Center for Cooperative Problem Solving, in partnership with the KAI Foundation, and collaboration with Virginia Tech Continuing and Professional Education, offers KAI Accreditation Courses for individuals seeking to use KAI to advance their work.

Our next KAI Accreditation Courses offered for general enrollment include:

  • April 17-28, 2023 - two-week version of the course, online with blended learning. (35 instructional hours).
  • August 7-18, 2023 - two-week version of the course, online with blended learning. (35 instructional hours).
  • December 2023 - Chennai, India - TBA

Note - Online course tuition rate is $3,000 per individual, and $2,600 per individual whose organization is already using KAI.

Applications are currently being accepted for all courses.  For an outline of the application process, see our Application Process steps.

Many of our existing practitioners use KAI to:

  • coach CEOs, Board, or senior leadership teams
  • work with teams create breakthrough concepts & ensure adoption
  • manage major transformational change
  • create a culture of wellbeing and lower stress (at college, work, home)
  • generate new products
  • help manage diversity
  • bridge gaps or mediate between individuals or teams
  • optimally solve difficult cross-functional problems
  • improve communications (in all forms, including internal & external)

The KAI Accreditation Course covers aspects of problem solving and creativity as it relates to the individual, working in teams, and leading change. The KAI is based in Adaption-Innovation (A-I) theory, which is the only known theory able to explain how a measurable dimension of an individual’s personality (problem-solving style) is connected to the science of teams and preferences for leading change.

If you are interested in scheduling an in-house KAI Accreditation Course for your organization, please email us at