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Circle of Practice

The KAI Circle of Practice connects and empowers a network of KAI practitioners worldwide. 

The group seeks to assist KAI practitioners at all experience levels to build better teams by creating a sustainable appreciation of creative problem-solving differences.

KAI practitioners work in many roles, which include, and are not limited to, coaching, consulting, mediating, research, teaching, and armed services. The Circle of Practice aims to offer support for all these roles, with each of us learning from each other.

The Circle of Practice operates from a blue ocean mindset, where a rising tide lifts all ships. The better each of us can serve our clients or employers, the more clients will be generated with interest in the KAI. It is a collaborative, supportive group built through shared best practices, continuing education, and knowledge sharing.

For more information on becoming a member of the KAI Circle of Practice contact Anika Davis or Jessica Prater.